Weapon XP is a core game mechanic of Tower of Guns. Enough XP levels up the weapon. increasing one or more (usually two) of the following stats: Damage/Shot, Shots/Round, Fire Rate, and/or Splash Radius.

Gaining XP Edit

  • Collect Blue orbs or crystals
  • A potential dice roll in Dice Roll mode (One Level)
  • Can be done up to level 5 (6 with the Taco Terror perk)
  • Using the Painful Siphon (drains 100HP on use) (restores one level)

Aside from the Dice Roll or a large crystal (which raises XP by exactly one level each) every level seems to require more orbs and crystals than the last.

Losing XP Edit

  • Sustain damage (Fall damage doesn't factor in)
  • A potential dice roll in Dice Roll mode (up to (and usually) three levels
  • Using the Soothing Siphon (restores 100 HP on use) (drains one level)

Tips Edit

  • The XP drain is probably your biggest reason not to take damage if possible, a level down can be very crippling.