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-The Maw is a "hidden" boss accessed via the portal room after you defeat the gumball machine, Instead of taking the normal portal, walk around to the back of the room where you'll find The Crows Nest portal which

The maw

holds The Maw boss.

Trivia Edit

  • Since the level is called "The Crows Nest" one can only assume you are at the very top of the Tower Of Guns.

Notes / TipsEdit

  • It's to be noted that this is probably generally considered the hardest boss in the game, and one should only attempt to kill The Maw if they have a large amount of upgrades of all kinds.
  • Many Extra jumps and jump height increases are a good strategy, as the platform you are on is very poor for avoiding all the attacks that are going to be thrown at you.
  • The Maw will go invisible while not standing on the platform, use this time with your extra jumps to fly around and kill spinners and the turrets to regain your item power and HP. rinse and repeat.