Portable Pizza Thrower
Ppt head
Loaded with Sawblades, not Pizza
Lv 1 Lv 5
19 58
Rate of Fire:
Low Moderate
High High
1 Shot
Level Up Rate:
Ricochet, Slight Crit Increase
Class ID:
Positive Mods
Negative Mods
Rapid, Uber
Precise, Mines

Loaded with sawblades, not pizzas, the Portable Pizza Thrower is one of the two basic weapons unlocked by default when one first starts Tower of Guns. The weapon has the appearance of a yellow gun with a flat, wide barrel shooting rapidly spinning sawblades. Like all weapons, it has four levels of upgrades and can be modified with a series of weapon mods for it to be more effective.

It literally shoots pizzas at level 6
Ppt head

The PPT as it appears in first person view.


The PPT shoots a fast-travelling sawblade which can bounce once before disappearing, but can't bounce off enemies. Since the PPT has a moderate fire rate and shoots an unique, fast-travelling projectile, it is the weapon of choice to take down single, isolated enemies, but is a terrible choice when facing a horde of enemies, and will often require the player to rely heavily on kiting.

PPT's blades will stick in the walls for several seconds and can be jumped upon to reach higher places, but the requirement of predicting the bounce trajectory and weapon's slight spread makes this hard to take advantage of.


As it increases in level, the PPT gains additional fire rate and damage. The number of bounces doesn't increase, but the sawblade gains over level an increasingly significant particle effect. When maxed out, the PPT single-target damage source to be reckoned with.

Level 6 Edit

When upgraded to level 6 using the Taco Terror perk, it's projectiles turn into pizzas (with a yellow trail) and gain more damage, faster fire rate, and higher velocity.

Ppt upgraded

A fully upgraded sawblade bouncing.

Notable synergies Edit

  • Precise: Little to no practical effect (unless you are trying to build a ladder out of sawblades)
  • Bounce: Causes sawblades to ricochet twice instead of once.
  • Mine/Firemine: Mines are deployed only after a ricochet, generally implying that the player is more likely to hit themselves with a mine than an enemy.
  • Seek: Sawblades home slightly, including after ricocheting. Their high velocity, however, does not make this a super-beneficial combination.
  • Uber: Seemingly no effect on sawblade size.
  • Spread: Shoots 10 sawblades instead of one. Ricocheting blades may be harder to evade when in quantities.