Pipe organ
The Pipe Organ is pile of guns, turrets, and launchers shaped in the fashion of a pipe organ. This boss is only seen in Logistics as a singular boss. The boss can also make an appearance in the Tog-O-Drome as a set of three. The boss itself is immobile, but can be a huge threat.

Attacks Edit

The Pipe Organ will shoot out spikeballs and missiles at an increasing rate as the boss fight progresses. The spikeballs do a moderate amount if touched and the missiles do low damage, but follow you. If you have the Fireforce perk, all spikeball damage is negated as it counts as environmental damage making this boss relatively easy to deal with.

In the Tog-O-Drome, three Pipe Organs spawn along with a couple of Bongobots and spinbots making it a relatively harder boss fight.

Trivia Edit

  • The Pipe Organ can be easily defeated by walking or jumping behind it. It won't be able to hit you with anything, and you can deal constant damage to it. This is the easiest way to beat its Tog-O-Drome stage.
  • If you jump behind The Pipe Organ while fighting in Logistics, you constantly take small amounts of damage for being in contact with it.
  • The Pipe Organ boss room in Logistics is the only boss room to have a secret in it (not counting the Crow Nest).