Movement upgrades are game powerups earned mostly through badges, although some items also confer movement upgrades.

Speed starts at 12, and as of 0.45 was limited to 28 maximum.  Each Speed++ badge gives +2 speed.

At the start of the game, the player can jump about half their height, unassisted.  A Height++ badge doubles this.  A Height-- badge negates a Height++, redcues jump height to a very small jump if no height assistance badges have been earned.

Extra jump Jump++ badges allow a midair jump, one for each jump badge.  In 0.45 there was no limit on jumps, and jump upgardes were quite frequent so it was not uncommon to be able to make up to 20 midair jumps.  As of 0.56b becuase loot was given such a large variety, it is rare for jump upgardes to drop, even with Luck++