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Lanternofolus launching fireballs

Lanternofolus is a boss encountered on any of the first three floors.


LanternofOlus appears to be an oversized Hot Pot Bot. Its attacks consist of constantly laying down fire mines that deal high damage to the player if stepped upon, and, additionally, will occasionally fire volleys of bombs in all directions.


Avoiding the fire mines that LanternofOlus deploys while dodging the attacks of the enemies that spawn during the attack is key. If the player is not careful, a great amount of health can be lost very easily due to a misplaced step. On the plus side, its whole body is its hitbox, so dealing damage is relatively easy, and maintaining constant fire is a good way of dealing damage quickly.

Things to Note

  • As LanternofOlus takes damage, it will rotate faster and dispense fire mines more rapidly


  • If encountered on floor 3 (Warehouse or Battlements) you will fight 2 LanterofOlus instead of 1.