2014-03-08 00001

Hugbot doing what it does best

Hugbots are the only non-threatening entity in the Tower.  They are found in the entry room of the Foyer, and in the end room of every floor.


  • Killing Hugbots will increase the difficulty level by 1 (Initial difficulty is 100)
  • Joe originally did not plan to include Hugbots in the final version, but his wife liked them so much, he just had to keep them.
  • If no hugbots are killed during a run an extra level called the "Hugbot Alley" may be added between the third level and Logistics. The level is non-threatening and can net you coins, badges or weapon energy if you choose to kill the large number of hugbots inside. It is also guaranteed to contain either a gun, the Captain's Belt or a Togatroopa wing as well as a few random pickups.