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A room from Foyer

The Foyer is the 1st floor and beginning area in Tower of Guns.

Threat AssessmentEdit

Low. Low spawn rates combined with lower difficulty turrets and bots make this floor easy. The only real concerns are fall damage and eliminating enemies as soon as possible.


The Foyer consists of the entry room, the "hall" (where about a half-dozen Hugbots spawn), two random rooms, and the boss room. The layouts of the rooms are fairly basic and easy to navigate. There are some areas that cannot be reached without some mobility upgrades (extra jumps, jump height).


The player's main focus in the Foyer should be gathering as many badges, experience and monies as possible. Having a Level 2 to Level 3 weapon before facing the first boss will allow the player to be more capable of defeating them.

One thing that can be quite dangerous regarding the Foyer is the fact that Dr. Turret has a chance to be the first boss that the player encounters. Without a decently leveled weapon, it can and will be very difficult to eliminate him before getting overrun.


Spoiler WarningEdit

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