Items are powerups that are dropped as loot or can be bought from shops. Only be equipped one at a time, unlike badges.

Each item does nothing until it is fully charged by picking up energy orbs. Once the item is fully charged it can be activated, default key 'E'.

An item may execute a single action, like delivering an attack or healing, or may bestow a special power that lasts a short while. The latter only lasts a few seconds.

Name Activation Message Effect Icon
33/66 MHz Turbo Button Burst Sprint! Increases your speed up to 40 for 5 seconds. Item Usable 019a
Anti-enfilade Jelly Deployable Cover! A large Steel Block is spawned for 25 seconds. Solid steel block acts as a platform and/or cover. Item Usable 007a
Aortic Levee Device 125 health restored! As per activation message. Item Usable 001a
Big Dumb Rocket Slowest Rocket Ever! Huge but slow rocket is launched. Item Usable 013a
Bullet Sweeper Clear Bullets! All bullets that have been fired disappear. Item Usable 046a
Bunker buster Run! Drops a large explosive. Item Usable 024a
Bomb-bot Canister ... Spawns approximately 6-8 Bomb Bots. Item Usable 039a
Bullet Filibuster Redirect Bullets! Changes the trajectory of all bullets to the point where the user is aiming. Item Usable 048a
Caffienated Triggerfinger Fire rate boost! Greatly increases rate of fire. Item Usable 020a
Captain's Belt Freeze Time! All enemies freeze for 5 seconds. You can't shoot during this period. Item Usable 037a
Cartesian Lattice ... Fires a large grid of lasers that passes through everything and deals damage. Item Usable 042a
Charged Aramid Injection ... 6 second invulnerability. Item Usable 003a
Colossal Special Button RAAAAAAAAAARR! Explodes and damages all enemies within a very large range. Item Usable 047a
Critical Serum 6 seconds all crits! As per activation message. Item Usable 038a
Death Tutu Hurt on touch! A huge saw spins from your hips. Item Usable 010a
Demotivational Jelly ... Spawns a Demotivational Jelly that stops bullet shots and drastically slows player's movement. Item Usable 005a
Grenade Barrage Oh no! Fires a salvo of grenades. Item Usable 027a
Grindageddon Activator Destroy Spinbots! All Spinbots in the area are destroyed. Item Usable 033a
Hindenberg Pulse Destroy Bombots! All Bombots in the area are destroyed. Item Usable 015a
Hoppy Serum 10 seconds jumpfest! Jump repeatedly for 10 seconds. Item Usable 045a
John's All-access Pass Rocket Boost! One super jump towards reticle. Item Usable 004a
Loot Lubricator 6 seconds lootfest! Increases the amount of drops when killing enemies for 6 seconds. Item Usable 023a
Luftfaust 9000 Missile barrage! Launches a volley of missiles. Item Usable 025a
Mystery Box -Shows a message of the badge earned- Adds a random badge or does nothing. Badge Random
Motivational Jelly ... Spawns a Motivational Jelly which boost the player to reticule when touched. Item Usable 008a
Pellet Gun Pew! Fires a single pellet, can be used repeatedly rapidly and indefinitely with no cooldowns. Item Usable 014a
Painful Siphon HP to XP transfer! Reduces health; increases gun XP. Item Usable 028a
Pocketchange Generator +99 gold! Gives 99 coins. Item Usable 018a
Pocket Thruster Extra Jump Added! Permanently increases max jumps. Item Usable 022a
Portable Orbital Laser Tetsuo! Fires a powerful laser where the user is aiming. Item Usable 040a
Positional Reboot Switch Instant reset! Teleports user to the start of the room. Item Usable 031a
Potable Transmission Fluid Damage/Armor ++! Increases damage and armor as well as distorted movement and screen flashing for approximately 6-10 seconds. Item Usable 012a
Proximity Mine Mine Deployed! Deploys a mine which looks like a big purple sphere
Pyroclastic Centrifuge Ring of Pain! Summons a ring of 16 fireballs (Similar to firemines) in zigzag that last for 20 seconds Item Usable 036a
Pyroclastic Jelly ... Summons a Pyroclastic Jelly that deals damage for 20 seconds. Item Usable 009a
Ramp -No Message- Summons a ramp for 30 seconds. Item Usable 034a
Saint Atilla's Fire 1..2..5.. Throws grenade. Item Usable 026a
Siege Adapter ... Reduces your speed by 20 and increases significantly your fire rate. Item Usable 035a
Soothing Siphon XP to HP transfer! Reduces gun XP; increases health. Item Usable 029a
Strategic Defense Array Disco Nerd! Summons a random array of lasers that last for 8 seconds. Item Usable 041a
Togatroopa Wing Airborne for 10 seconds! Allows for infinite jump. Also allows flight by pressing forward Item Usable 011a
The Blue Shell Spawns a big blue bot that damage every enemy it touches
The Goggles The goggles do nothing..? Provides temporary immunity to lava. Item Usable 030a
Thread Derailer Burst happy cats! Spawns a large amount of cats faces, and rapidly gives you health and blue XP. Item Usable 049a
Transdimensional Highway Teleport! Teleports you... To the same spot. Slightly bugged; intended to teleport you a short distance away wherever your reticule is pointing at. Item Usable 016a
Twerp Totem Destroy Twerps! All Twerps in the area are destroyed. Item Usable 044a
Vampire Barrel Adapter Kills Gain Health! Each kill provides health. Item Usable 021a
Vasoconstriction Jelly ... Spawns a Vasoconstriction Jelly which rapidly regenerates health as long as player is still in it. Item Usable 006a
Weaponized Monkey Wrench Weapon Level Up!! Increases weapon level by one. (Not sure if all weapons or just the one in hand.) Item Usable 002a
World's Worst Missile All Aboard! Fires a large, slow, and sensitive missile with a tiny blast radius. Don't use it to kill things, jump on top and ride it to reach distant areas. Jump off before it explodes. Item Usable 043a

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