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The enemies found in Tower of Guns are turrets, flying robots and huge bosses whose only desire is to eradicate the player with an arsenal of lasers, sawblades, spikes, explosions, glowing orbs and various flavours of bullets. This page categorizes the enemies you can find in Tower Of Guns into three main types: Stationary, Mobile and Bosses.

Stationary enemies are enemies that cannot freely relocate from their current position. These are typically turrets and are the most prevalent kind of enemy you will encounter in the Tower. Remember, although they are be stationary, most of these towers compensate for their lack of mobility by being very powerful or strong in numbers.

Mobile enemies are those who can pursue the player and freely move around the room. Some mobile enemies can be quite deadly, such as the dreaded Cyclops. Others can be easy to take down when alone, but gain strength when in larger numbers.

Bosses are special enemies found in the last room of each floor in Tower of Guns and in the Tog-o-drome. They can vary greatly in difficulty from being trivial to extremely difficult to defeat. Bosses are randomized, so there is no guaranteed boss spawn per floor with the exception of the Sanctum and Crow's nest stages.

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