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  • Cake Town Appearance
  • Cake Town Run #50
  • 100th run Dev's message
  • 100th run weapon and badges
Caketown is a secret beginning level first rewarded to player upon completing 5 runs in Tower of Guns, and with further milestones, up to 3000 runs.

Caketown DetailsEdit

Cake town contains several badges, monies, or other goodies to accelerate the player's run in a typically positive fashion. After the player has completed collecting the various items in Caketown, they exit through a elevator and begin the game as it normally would in the Foyer .

Threat AssessmentEdit

This level poses no threat whatsoever. The only possible ways to take damage are from weapons fire on yourself, or fall damage.


Caketown's visuals are a bit of a trip. It contains bright colors (mostly pink, purple and white) with a pulsating design that surrounds the player. On the ground a picture of a giant slice of cake can be seen with one lone candle sticking out of it.


Typically the player will receive a message from Joe, the developer of the game, upon entering cake town. Upon starting your 100th run, you'll spawn on a special version of Caketown. It contains several Difficulty++ and Random badges, as well as the weapon "Trollhunter".

You'll also receive the following message from Joe, the developer of the game:

One hundred runs! Crazy" Don't you have any other games to play? You are now my favourite customer ever! That said, have a very challenging one hundredth run!

When the player reaches 3000 runs (or enters the cheat Tog_ImLame hatathon3000), they are taken to a unique version of Caketown, which contains every gun in the game and some coins.


  • Caketown is first awarded to the player on their 5th run of Tower of Guns.
  • According to the official Tower of Guns Forums, Caketown is accessible to the player on every 10 runs up to run 50. After run 50 it is accessible every 50 runs.
  • Upon the player's 50th run, the player is rewarded with a very special Caketown that contains several powerups, and a guaranteed GG 9000 weapon pickup.
  • It is possible to get to a secret platform underneath the main one by using upgrades, Weapon Jumping, or the Bluegrass perk.