The Big Ol' Wall of Turrets is a boss unique to the Warehouse, and is an alternate version of the Big Ol'

Big Ol' Wall Of Turrets

Spikeroom. The boss needs to destroyed three times for the achievement Shouldn't Just Once Be Enough?

Strategy Edit

The boss is composed of a large amount of turrets, as the name implies. However, the core needs to shot in order to damage the boss. Suitable items for this boss would include Bullet Sweeper, Charged Aramid Injection, or any other item which would help to avoid damage.

Trivia Edit

  • This boss is the only one to be made entirely out of lesser enemies
  • This boss is actually a alternate version of the Big Ol' Spikeroom, as both cores share the same model, and both of the bosses involve the concept of a stationary boss with weapons attached to it.