Version 0.42 "Monkey Wrench" 

This was the first version to be released for alpha testing. The new Tower of Guns build is now LIVE! You can play it by pre-ordering from It's a large update so there are bound to be some wrinkles. As with any technology,  the longer this new stuff is in the build the more kinks I'll have worked out. This update takes the game up to 42% complete. 

Major Changes since the last build:

  • Persistence is now unlocked and you can move on to either the "Foundry" or the "Gearworks" levels. From there you can move on to the Logistics level. The game ends at that point. Only the Foyer and the Foundry have random levels built so far. The other two only have one string of rooms. 
  • There's a new 'Endless mode' toggle. The game cycles back to the "Foyer" if you beat "Logistics", but it *should* get harder and harder as you go...I can't it past 7 or 8 stages myself. 
  • There are a slew of new enemies, a handful of new items and a couple of new gun mods. There are also a few new/revised perks and some new guns you can unlock. 
  • Lots of mobility tweaks: faster, snappier movement! 
  • New options: volume, gamma!

As with any new feature, the newest stuff still needs a lot of ironing out. Here's some known issues:

  • Difficulty is a little all over the place. This should improve as I make new bosses and new shuffling levels/population around a bit. 
  • New stages don't have shops in them yet. (You can still technically find a shop randomly spawning at a secret though) 
  • The new purple "Energy turret" doesn't stop firing its last shot after you kill it. 
  • Explosion SFX volume still gets really really loud in hectic firefights. 
  • Some of the dialog stubs are a little inaccurate now—referencing 5-room-gauntlet and 'a demo' (this isn't really a demo anymore, after all) 
  • The collection screen doesn't seem to record when you've picked up certain items. This screen needs a lot of work in general 
  • There's still no 'win' condition in the game, so any guns/perks reliant on that criteria are still not-unlockable 
  • Some people are still reporting installation and first-run issues


This version was suceeded by 0.56